(Tapas) From the word ‘cover,’ refers to the covering of bread that bartenders once placed on top of drinks in Spain to keep away dust and flies. The meaning has since evolved to refer to hundreds of different bar snacks.

Here at the Raincheck Lounge we’ve put our own spin on some classic tapas, and integrated them with a relaxed social style of dining to be enjoyed with good friends and good wine.

For chef’s table please see the blackboard – you can enjoy the four shared courses with bread and salad for a set price per couple or mix and match with other menu items.

Our menu is designed to be enjoyed as a light snack with drinks, or a long leisurely dinner.

Spiced lamb salad, almond labne, butternut, pomegranate, herbs $19
Venison bolognese, hand cut pasta, reggiano,gremolata $18
Chicken schnitzel, persian fetta, winter slaw $18


Eggplant parmigiana jaffle, mozzarella, parmesan $12.5
Chicken tikka jaffle, cucumber pickle, mint raita $12.5


Heirloom carrot salad, fried chickpeas, coriander, yoghurt $14
Baby gem, lentils, herbs, lemon $6
Cauliflower mac & cheese croquette $5.5ea
Smoked chicken wings, sriracha, coriander $14
Calamari, fennel, potato, chorizo $7.5
Olives, thyme, citrus, chilli $8
House bread, dukkah, olive oil $5.5
Crinkle cut chips, spices, aioli $7.5

Cheese selection – ask for details $12.5